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How To Become The Miracle You Seek: Devotional

What are you crying out to God for?

I often want God to fix my circumstances with epic miracles that don't take anything on my part. And while we all know that God can part the seas, bring miracle healing, and so many other things, His overarching agenda is to grow us.

If we take a moment to look at what the Israelites went through in the desert & promise land, or Sheerah to build 3 cities in a time where women had zero rights or respect, or Gideon, or Esther, or Ruth, we see God growing people into greater maturity, faith, courage, perseverance, etc.

God says He will be with us, for us to have courage, to not be dismayed, or discouraged (Deuteronomy 31:6).

God says enter into the promise land and BATTLE the enemies out of it (Joshua 10:25)! I'd really like my promise land to be full of peace and zero enemies to battle and triumph over, how about you?

But God sees that I need to grow in ways I don't even fully understand or know right now. And you and I are created for such a time as this, for His Kingdom agenda, for the promise land He created for us, and the Kingdom impact we will never fully understand.

So today, let's pray for the courage to do what He is calling us to do to create the miracle we are crying out for.

Let's choose to pick up the sword of the spirit aka the word of God and pray it, speak it, believe it, and BE it. #speakitbelieveitbeit

Let's choose to submit ourselves for His transformation and change to become all that He wants for us to be and to have in this world and the life to come. In Him we have the victory (1 Corinthians 15:57)!

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Let's pray: Dear God, we humbly come to the throne room of grace with praise and thanksgiving. Thank You Lord Almighty for loving us with an everlasting love. Thank You for knowing every hair on our head and every plan to grow us ever closer to You, Your word, will, and way.

Lord please forgive us our sins. Please help us rebuke a victim mentality and embrace the courageous, confident, victor mentality that Christ died to grant us.

We humbly submit ourselves for Your transformation and change. Please help us to see our broken mindsets and grant us God-blessed eyes to see the creative solutions to ever prayer and petition that our hearts are crying out to You for.

We praise You Jesus. We thank You for being our Good Shepherd who watches over us, protects us, and leads us through valleys, hills, and promise lands.

Please, Jesus, rebuke the adversary from oppressing us and help us to vanquish the lies of the enemy with the truth of Your word.

We sing praises to Your name! Thank You for hearing our prayers and loving us with an everlasting love.

In Jesus Christ's precious, Holy name, we pray, Amen!

I empower women to become the miracle they seek--through learning how to speak the word of God to cultivate faithfulness, knowledge of your value, worth, gifts, and more.

I will help you create the confidence, the mindset, the actions, the joy, and the perseverance to thrive in all of life's circumstances both good and bad.

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