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About Me

Hello, my friend!  Thank you for visiting my site.  It is my honor to serve you and be a spokeswoman for God. Please reach out to me for any need, prayer, question, or inquiry at: burstingwithblessings@virg.org

A little bit about me: I am Leah Virgin, loving wife for almost 20 years to my soulmate, and mother to three beautiful and blessed children. From a broken home, broken parents, broken childhood, fears, anxieties, depressions, a miscarriage, and more, God has brought healing tools to me that I am bursting to share with others.

I am sharing how to apply God's word for true life transformation and positive change. I help women and others go from anxious, stressed, and lost to calm, joyful, and faithful in all of life's circumstances through my Bible studies, devotionals, books, one on one coaching,  and online courses.

Book a breakthrough session if you are ready to explore Christian Business or Life coaching with me.

Our Family. Thank you for supporting Bursting With Blessings

Leah Mason-Virgin empowers women to achieve the miracles they are asking God for by connecting them into His word, insights, Kingdom principles, strategies, and an empowered faith-filled mindset.

Leah's years in corporate, non-profits, healthcare, and other industries, in combination with her Faith Community Nursing, Business, and Life Coaching certifications, enable her to serve women in all areas of life. Her passion is to empower women so that they cultivate healthy mindsets, habits, relationships, businesses, spirituality, and overall life.

Leah's programs are Biblically based, empowering, insightful, and transformative.  Her clients often remark that their sessions produce amazing insights, action strategies, and mindset shifts that create an amazing faith-filled calm, joy, and strength to walk confidently and boldly in their gifts and calling.

Leah has a group coaching program, individualized and customized programs, courses, prayer workbooks, e-books, and more to serve every single woman no matter where they are in life.

Leah is married to her soul-mate for over twenty years and they have three amazing and wonderful children.

You can connect with her in these platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BurstingWithBlessings/

https://www.facebook.com/groups/2103073383276195/ Private Group: Blessed Christian Business & Life Coaching By Leah

Insta @ https://www.instagram.com/burstingwithblessings/

YouTube @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEqfNHXOxEQlPRlUifvitww

Twitter @ https://twitter.com/LMasonVirgin

LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/leah-mason-virgin/


Bursting With Blessings does not collect any data that you don't submit to via the email sign up form. When you submit your email and name, I use mailchimp as my emailing program.

I never sell the emails that I collect for my newsletter. Anytime you wish to unsubscribe simply hit the unsubscribe in the mailchimp email and it's all done.

I value you, your information, and serving you. We use Ghost platform for my website and update it regularly. Any purchases are run through PayPal so I never see nor store any financial information.

Thank you for being here and sharing your time with me.



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