Bursting with Blessings

Biblically-Based Business Success Coaching

Honor the Gifts and Ambitions that God has Given You

You have a God-given desire to grow a business that is so BIG and has such IMPACT that you’ll live a life like none other, and leave a legacy for your family.

You’re ready to achieve the miracles you’ve been asking God for, but you’re not exactly sure how to proceed toward those dreams. Some deep part of you feels like entrepreneurship is greedy, worldly, or somehow bad.

I’m here to show you that within God’s word, there is abundance and mighty blessings waiting for YOU.

You can reach your wildest goals as you learn the most effective ways to put your hand to the plow, by:

  • Connect to His Word
  • Embracing Kingdom Principles
  • Cultivating a Faith-Filled Mindset

Leave behind the doubts, fears, and loneliness of worldly business strategy, and open yourself up to receive divine wisdom and SUCCESS in your business-and your life.

Book a free Breakthrough Session with Leah to unleash God’s Blessings in your life today.

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Ways to Work with Leah

I offer a wide range of courses, daily devotionals, e-books, and coaching programs so that you can experience:

  • Life-Altering Mindset Shifts
  • Peace, through a deeper connection with Jesus
  • Confidence and Strength to walk BOLDLY in your calling
  • Unbridled Success in your business endeavors and life in general

Whether you’re just starting a business or launched, but lost…I help women just like you find their path to success. Together, we’ll quiet all the noise, and focus on the strategies that truly bring you more clients, more sales, and more BLESSINGS!

I’m uniquely equipped to serve women in all walks of life, thanks to my years in healthcare and corporate industries, combined with Life & Business Coaching Certifications. My passion is to empower women to cultivate healthy mindsets and habits that will BLESS their business, spirituality, and overall life.

Curious about what a success coach can do for you?

Book a free Breakthrough Session with me today.

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