Bursting with Blessings

Your Inheritance Is Waiting: Devotional Acts 20:32

Would you leave an inheritance on the table?

We don't know what God intends to bless us with if we walk away from growing in Him and His word. He has plans to bless you and grow you (see Jeremiah 29:11). The enemy has plans to steal your blessings (see Malachi 3:11). But to those that persevere, and work with the Holy Spirit to grow, come a future far greater than can be fully imagined.

We deserve to dig deep into the word and cultivate a relationship with God that will not only bring blessing to you but to all those around you.

Don't leave your inheritance on the table. What small, or if you want, bold thing can you do to take territory back from the enemy and start walking in the blessings God has called you to today? Are you going to change something small or big? Are you going to change your routine, your eating, your reading, your prayer life, your complaining, your proclaiming, your mindset toward others? What could your day look like if you chose something now that will impact tomorrow?

Day by day we grow and change. We create lasting momentum by choosing to take action using the word of God that we read each day. #TransformationAndChange

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