Bursting with Blessings

Creating Courage, Faith, & Action: Devotional Deuteronomy 31:6

Courage! Fight fear with action by faith!

We all fight the voice of fear and the words spoken by the enemy to trigger our insecurities. The enemy uses every fear based word to keep you from taking territory into your promise land.

The enemy doesn't want us healthy, healed, whole, and walking deeper and firmer into the promise land of our inheritance in Christ Jesus. God has an amazing promise land that is unique for you. Your blessings don't need to be the blessings you see given to others--yours are better for you! #RebukeJealousy

The enemy doesn't want you being bold, courageous, strong, firm, loving, truthful, and spirit-filled. Your promise land must be walked into free of the shackles and mindsets of the past. Our God wants on the firm ground of trust, faith, and bold action.

The enemy seeks to keep us anxious, depressed, broken, and complaining. Your promise land of blessings takes active spirit-filled words and actions that cultivate faithfulness that produces results from the spirit realm into the natural realm. We must first conquer our words and mindsets to produce the prayers, the faith, the strength, and the action needed to courageously and boldly walk into the calling and the promise land that God has uniquely designed for you.

Today let's cultivate some proclamations from the word of God to speak over ourselves all day, every day, to rebuke fear, anxiety, and depression that the enemy uses to keep us from all the blessings God wants for us! To have what God has decreed we must first transform ourselves to receive it. Let's submit ourselves to His transformation and change. Let's write and speak out loud cultivated prayers from the word of God that ignite the fire of bold action in our minds!

What are you praying for? How can you create a bolder prayer and a bolder mindset through the mighty, powerful word of God?

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