Bursting with Blessings

Our Blessings Are Ours Alone: Devotional Psalm 37:7

Other's seem to prosper....

Does it sometimes feel like your challenges just grow worse and other people seem to grow more blessings?

We've talked before about our unique calling and unique blessings that God has for just US no one else! No one else can have your blessings and you don't want anyone else's blessings either.

Our road of challenges, triumphs, joys, and sadness are ours alone. God sees us and only us when He chooses what to allow into our lives. He doesn't compare our blessings or compare our challenges. He is working for our good alone, our growth, our transformation, our deepening relationship with Him.

But will we allow it? He is working to do something new in your life and mine (see Isaiah 43:19). But, the more we compare and look around the more we are going to miss what God is trying to work at and the longer it will take for Him to work in us. Why prolong the challenges by fighting the growth and ignoring the work that needs to be done? He wants our attention and time to cultivate something new, stronger, lasting, and resilient.

Let's praise and pray! Let's speak out His holy word in prayer and praise. Let's stop looking at others. Let's stop complaining. Let's cultivate a new mindset and a new daily routine with God.

What one thing can you change today? What 3 things are you thankful for today? We've put a fast on complaining. I'll post my simple things that I am grateful for today in the comments. I look forward to reading yours. ❤️🖊

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