Bursting with Blessings

You Are A Gift: Devotional Romans 1:11

You are a gift! You are chosen and loved! The gifts you have can help establish others in so many areas not just in their faith.

To receive gifts and be a gift we must work on our mindset and our attitude. The highest calling is love--love is without envy, boasting, gossiping, and cutting remarks.

To get wisdom and become a gift we must first read what is wisdom and a gift to the mind--the word of God.

Take a minute to thank God for easy access to His word and His love through Jesus Christ. Take a minute to think about what a gift it is to be a gift to others. We may never know on this side of heaven how we will impact other people's lives. What will generations to come say about you and me when they speak about how we talked, what we wrote, and what we did?

I am asking God today to help imprint His holy word on our hearts and minds. I am praying today that God gives us inspired ideas on how to talk, write, and act for His kingdom agenda and to gift others with a glimpse of God's love and message.

Let's use today to be a gift to ourselves and our future by taking small or large steps toward our calling and the blessings/gifts God desires to give us. Over the last two days I have challenged us to "fast" complaining (see the previous days devotionals). What three things are you praising God for today? I'll put mine in the comments.

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