Bursting with Blessings

You Are An Heiress: Devotional Titus 3:7

You are a beautiful heiress.

You are heir to peace and empowerment through the Holy Spirit.

How do we learn to become the heiress that we are?

How does an heiress speak and react to all that the day brings?

An heiress is trained from the moment she receives her calling into the Kingdom. She is handed a precious complex book that holds all the power to her wealth. She treats this jewel with care and daily reads it, works on what she reads, and begins to act in accordance with its precepts.

As child I would imagine what my castle looked like and what my Kingdom would be like. I wanted high, white marble walls, pools, and waterfalls. I wanted a strong prince who could banish all the monsters that came at me.

While we may not live in a picture perfect castle or have a prince that slays dragons, we can become the heiress that builds a beautiful Kingdom.

We don't need to wait for waterfalls to appear--we can start creating a peace-filled spirit that flows out to others.

We may not have a prince who kills dragons--but we can pick up the sword of prayer and start vanquishing the dragons of our past so we can see our soulmate, children, and family from a Godly perspective that brings about a lasting legacy of blessings now and forever.

Let's pray: Dear Lord Jesus thank You for making us heiresses to the Kingdom of God. We thank You for salvation, redemption, transformation, and healing.

Lord Jesus we thank You for the Holy Spirit which brings forth the power to know Your word. Lord please help us to learn how to tap into Your peace within us and create the legacy of blessings that You want us to create now and in the future.

We long, O Lord, to walk in our gifts and calling for Your glory and our blessings. We thank You and praise You for calling us worthy, precious, forgiven, and empowered by Your Spirit.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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