Bursting with Blessings

How We Talk To Ourselves & Others: Devotional Titus 3:2

The saying is hurting people, hurt people.

If we don't gently talk to ourselves and give ourselves forgiveness, kindness, and refuse to slander ourselves--meaning joke about our short comings and weaknesses, than how can we give others these blessings?

Let's focus in today on how we are talking to ourselves. Let's focus on being gentle, kind, releasing bitterness and unforgiveness for our past hurts and mistakes.

Let's rebuke the whispers that we aren't good enough or that we are failing--for that is slander from the enemy.

Let's ask God to help us see ourselves as He sees us. Let's ask Him to point out when we talk poorly of ourselves and others and start transforming the words that come out of our minds and mouths.

Let's pray: Dear Lord God thank You for this day. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit that leads and guides us day by day.

Help us Lord to hear how we are talking to ourselves and others. Help us to transform our words to ourselves and then to others.

Lead us on a right path for Your name sake. Help us to shine Your light in such a way that others will see and glorify You. We give You all thanks and praise.

We humbly pray on behalf of all frontline workers and government officials, Lord please help them have wisdom, guidance, and protection.

Please guide those who are hurting to the resources they need and help each of us to know how to be Your hands and feet during this very difficult time.

In Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

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