Bursting with Blessings

Why Prayer Matters: Join The 5 Minutes 40 Day Prayer Challenge

No, you don't need to have ever done a Bible study.
Nope, you don't need know what Lent is, or have ever had a daily Bible time to enjoy this upcoming prayer challenge.

Y'all life is way to hard to go without the power of scripture, prayer, and a tiny bit of think'n.

Come join me in the 5 Minutes 40 Days Prayer Group as we pray, reflect, and grow in God's word right up to Easter Celebration. 👉 rebrand.ly/lentprayerchallenge

How much??!!👋💲 ANY amount. That's right hit the donate button (I'm not a nonprofit but that was the only option on PayPal) and put in whatever amount you feel led to.

Let's Lent together. Got questions? DM me.
Join into the Lent 5 Minutes, 40 Days Prayer Challenge. Learn more: 👉 rebrand.ly/lentprayerchallenge

Comment "I'm in" if you're joining.

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