Bursting with Blessings

How To Transform Your Anger: Devotional Ephesians 4:26

How do you resolve your anger?

I use to stew over my anger--as it says in this verse, nurse my anger. I would think of everything I should have said and ways that I could get back at the person verbally.

But, God calls us to a different standard--one not worldly but Christ like.

Now, when my anger rages, I think about that person from God's perspective. They are a child of God in need of salvation, healing, and transformation.

Now, I sit and pray for that person to find Christ in a real and dynamic way. I pray for them to be healed and transformed.

It's not easy to transform our gut human reaction--we want vengeance and for that person to hurt worse than the way we feel. But, it's worth our mental, emotional, and spiritual health to be intentional in reacting in a Christ like way.

Christ loved, called out the sin, and encouraged repentance and transformation. We shouldn't be a doormat or a powder keg of hate and vitriol.

We should pray for them, put firm boundaries, and call out the sin when it's right to do so.

Let's strive today to react differently to pain, hurt, and anger. Because if we do we will reap the blessings that come from it.

Comment blessings and let's change together.

Let's pray: Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for first loving us in our sinful, broken state. Lord when I think about Your loving sacrifice it transforms my mindset.

Lord please help us to transform our thoughts and reactions to those that hurt us. It's so easy to get angry and seek revenge on those that hurt us.

Lord help us to be not of this world. Help us Lord to grow in spiritual maturity and pray for those that do us wrong and bring Your power and Your love into the situation and circumstances of our life.

We give You all praise and glory for what You are doing in us and through us. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen

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