Bursting with Blessings

Walking Out Newness Of Life: Devotional Romans 6:4

Newness of life!

Remember the feeling of coming to Christ? That overwhelming love and rush of deep relief at having all your sins and past junk washed away?

That beautiful joy and relief which filled our soul, mind, and body was epic. Sometimes we bring back that beautiful soul love rush during deep worship but often we allow the worries of this life to crush that peace and joy into a tiny corner of our spirit.

God's word tells us to walk out that newness. To walk out something is to do it daily--not just feel it. Our feelings are not the barometer that tells us what to do. Our feelings are fleeting, inconsistent and influenced by outside forces.

Each day we are cultivating faith and newness of life (Psalm 37:3). Let's walk out our newness of life by picking one thing to work on that is the image of Christ. What are you working on? I'm working on my words.

We cultivated a fast on complaining a few days ago. And are focusing on gratitude. That is an act of newness of life--a spirit of gratitude for all that the Lord is doing in our lives. What are you grateful for today? I'll post mine below.

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