Bursting with Blessings

How To Build Faith Muscles: Devotional Romans 4:20

Building Faith Muscles--starts here

Bad days and hard times come fast and furious with hardly a whisper that their going to land on us. When a heavy weight is handed to you how will you hold it if your muscles haven't the stamina to bear the weight?

Today as we spend a few minutes reading our Bible and praying ask God which verses to focus on. Ask God which verses to develop into a prayer that will begin building up your faith muscles.

Often our times of hardship last longer than we want--Abraham had to wait years for the fulfillment of the promise God had given to him. I can imagine waiting day after day and wondering "when Lord?" Can't you?

I know that in the waiting there can be so many emotions. I battle depression as I wait for the fulfillment of things hoped for and needed. What emotion do you battle?

To have stamina and perseverance I need to pray scripture. I must speak the proclamations that I have cultivated from God's word. Those actions don't change God's mind, it builds my faith muscles and my resolve to stand firm on God's promises to me. I know that my God is ever faithful and His timing is always perfect--but I also know that my human mind tries to be discouraged and waiver in my belief of God's sovereignty in all things.

Today let's build our faith muscles! Let's build our knowledge of His power. Let's cultivate a prayer that builds our knowledge of scripture and our resolve to stand firm no matter the circumstances swirling around us. We have the peace of Christ that surpasses all worldly understanding! Amen.

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