Bursting with Blessings

Saturday Morning Prayer

You are worthy!

You are worthy of all good things and all the blessings the Lord wants for you!

Today create in your mind a picture of Jesus pouring His love on you. Choose this day to embrace the knowledge that you are worthy, loved, and called to all that God has planned for you.

And then bask in worship of our great Redeemer, Sustainer, and Savoir.

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Let's pray: Dear Jesus Your light fills us when we come to You. Your love fills us when we humble ourselves to You. Your forgiveness washes us clean when we repent to You! And You call us beloved, worthy, and called.

Thank You Jesus!

Lord we humbly come to You with praise, repentance, and joy to receive what You lavish on us this day.

Thank You Jesus! Amen!

I empower women to become the miracle they seek--through learning how to speak the word of God to cultivate faithfulness, knowledge of your value, worth, gifts, and more.

I will help you create the confidence, the mindset, the actions, the joy, and the perseverance to thrive in all of life's circumstances both good and bad.

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Become the queen God wants you to be!

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