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Prayer Of Jabez: 1 Chronicles 4:10

Do you remember the interest in the prayer of Jabez from about a decade ago?

As I circle back around in reading through my Bible again, I honed in on this passage and sat and thought about Jabez's mindset and perspective.

Here is a man listed in 1 Chronicles who gets a bit more of a mention than just his name in this genealogy recording. It's a bold prayer. It's a simple prayer that covers so much--I've enhanced it from the original verses in today's graphic. You can find the original verses in 1 Chronicles 4:10.

First, Jabez knows that blessings come from God. He knows that if his borders are enlarged that wealth and impact are sure to follow. He knows that without God's hand guiding his daily life than brokenness would be sure to follow. And He knows that the only true protection that can be found in this world comes from God.

I don't think that Jabez experienced zero trials or hardships in his life. His mother named him for the suffering or sorrow that it took to bring him into the world and he was honored or more honorable than his brothers (according to different translations). I can only imagine what sibling grief/discord he experienced because of this.

I'm often quick to assume that others have it easier than me. However, God has been working on me about this for some time now. He is granting me God-blessed eyes to see the complexity of things, people, and circumstances to help grow my perspective--may He do the same for you, Amen.

Some translations state that Jabez asked for God to keep him from harm/evil so that he didn't have pain. A few other translations state he asked for God to keep him from evil so that HE wouldn't cause others pain (1 Chronicles 4:10 NKJV).

Let's choose our prayers with a mindset of wanting our full Kingdom impact--an enlarged territory to shine God's light, love, and salvation. Let's choose to intentionally know and acknowledge that God is our source of all things, most especially our protection and blessings.

And let's choose God  and His word as our source of supply to empower us to become all that He wants us to be for His Kingdom agenda and our spiritual growth.


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