Bursting with Blessings

How To Walk Through Each Day Blessed & Thriving In All of Life's Challenges & Circumstances

Are you ready for a crisis? Do you want the abundant joyful life? Do you think creating a positive daily life is to hard or impossible for you?

I was lying curled up on a hardwood floor crying hysterically.  The piles of things were hanging around me making me feel even more like I was suffocating.

Our lives had just been turned upside down.  I never saw it coming and I certainly didn't think it was possible.

Heavy rains had bombarded our town.  All around us homes were flooding, streets were rivers, and people's lives were once more been torn apart—the Ellicott City flooding had happened again!

A supposed once every 500 years flooding happened yet again, the very next year.

Our little 1954 brick rancher sitting on a hill looked to me like it would of course survive unscathed just like it had done the year before.  And we sat and felt so badly for the others all around us.

Little did we know that our own basement was rapidly filling and soon would send us into a whirlwind of devastation like I had not known since my broken childhood.

The insurance agent had just explained that no coverage or help for us would come because flood damage was not covered.

My body heaved with sobbing and the swirl of thoughts of how we were going to pay for all that had to be fixed now.  The broken gas lines, the asbestos floor that was exposed, and on and on the list would grow over the many months.

All our hard work to get out of debt over the last year was upended--in a matter of minutes we became 10s of thousands of dollars in debt. I was 💔. I had no tools to deal with the devastation in addition to my daily anxiety and depression.

No one around me could help.  I knew my God was faithful.  I knew there had to be a way to heal not just survive with a swirl of broken thoughts. There had to be a better way to walk through the mundane, the daily, and all of life's challenges.

And so began my mindset journey, my health journey, my spiritual growth, and ultimately my ability to finally stop living in fear and start living out my gifts and calling so other women could be made whole, healthy, thriving, and blessed, in all of life's circumstances.

Are you searching for the way? Let's talk about how I can serve you and show you the tools that bring the blessed abundant life in Christ's word, will, provisions, and way for you.  Schedule a breakthrough call with me:  https://www.meetingbird.com/m/rkJ747clv

From The Flood To The Calling--How Crisis Can Catapult Us To Positive Change  

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I am bursting to share how to apply God's word for true life transformation and positive change. I help women and others go from anxious & stressed to calm & faithful in all circumstances