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How To Save A Marriage

My run this morning--Big Papa rode his bike next to me. It was so nice to have some time to just chat as we enjoyed the amazing weather 🌞🏃‍♀️❤🌹🌷⚘😍🥰

I'm so grateful to God for the 20 years of marriage that we will celebrate in May. God has truly saved, protected and guided our marriage and us through the years.

Saving a marriage and growing a successful marriage can be daunting.  Marriage is two broken sinful people coming together.  A marriage of two broken people will never succeed without each person maturing and healing.  There is no person that doesn't need Christ to save them and mature them.  Pride is the downfall of most people.  We pridefully believe that human love can heal and surmount the mundane of life therefor we don't need God.  The harsh reality is that the mundane of life and the trails of life bring forth our brokenness, our arrogance, our selfishness, our past wounds and expectations of more hurt.  

In my deepest selfishness marriage was the hardest work.  My marriage needed saving because I needed the transformational work of Christ and the word of God.  

Marriage is beautiful amazing work. When partnered with Christ it goes so much better.

As we grew in Christ the effort to stay connected and in communication doesn't feel like work. He is my soulmate and we are deeply connected in an amazing way. I wouldn't want to live this life without him. He truly is an amazing man who has grown to be an amazing husband, father, leader, and Christ follower. We cover each other in prayer daily as well as our marriage. We speak and proclaim God's word over our marriage.

If you haven't started to pray for your spouse or cover them in God's word then start right now.  If you have started keep praying, keep speaking and keep delving into the word. God renews, redeems, transforms, restores. There is nothing our God can't do to build in us amazing Godly wisdom and love. There is nothing God can't save, rebuild, or make stronger.

If you are struggling reach out to me and let me help you find the tools you need.  If you want to remain private then plug into Mom Mastery University or the life transformation Boot Camp (this runs quarterly).  

You can find my previous post on how to talk talk to your spouse here:



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