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Eat The Word Of God & Then Go

Daily verses from yesterday's prayer time: Ezekiel 3 God's word talks a lot about taking the word into ourselves making it part of our mind and heart. The word of God is living and active. The word of God will stand forever. God commands Jeremiah and in this passage Ezekiel to eat the word of the Lord and go tell. I'm thinking on how the word of God when consumed with right intention and prayer causes our inmost soul to be transformed. We go forth changed and speak the word because it is so sweet like honey that we burst to share it with others.
Encouraging us today to intentionally eat the word each day and pray it into real and lasting transformation within--Then GO tell it with love and compassion. Speak what God has changed in you. Let nothing hold you back--not the memories of failure or sin--not the expectations of others--not their memory of who you use to be OR their refusal to see who you are now!! Go and put actions to your faith journey. Let nothing hinder you!
To see the live discussion and prayer on this, pop onto www.BurstingWithBlessings.com

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