Bursting with Blessings

How To Hear God's Voice & Wisdom For Your Life: Devotional James 1:5

How do you get wisdom?

How do you know God and His will?

As you listen to someone you can start to know their perspective, their voice, their emotions, their heart.

When I worked as a public relations writer, I would read over and over speeches written and told by the person I was supposed to write for--Why? because I would start to hear their voice in my head.

The more we read of the Bible the more we will feel the heart of God, the more we will sensitize our mind to hear His voice.

Yes, it takes time. Any relationship with depth takes time to build through conversation--listening and talking. BUT, Oh how wonderful it is to know His voice, know His leading, and to feel within His plans for us.

I often encourage each of us to speak the word of God out loud--there is something so powerful and transformative about speaking the word of God audibly.

I even did a video about crafting proclamations from the word: see the video here: https://burstingwithblessings.com/how-to-create-biblical-a…/

Speaking His word out loud will also empower you to know Him and to bring His power into your life circumstances.

*Want to learn more? 🗣🤳 message me and I'll teach you the tools that bring perseverance and blessings.

Let's pray: Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for Your word. Thank You for Your transformative and powerful scripture that we can build a blessed life on.

Lord we humbly ask that You would create a craving and a priority in our lives to spend time with You.

We long for You blessings. We long for You to open Your storehouse of blessings and rain them down on us.

Lead us Lord to sensitize our minds and hearts to know Your voice, Your will, and Your word.

Thank You Lord Jesus for all that You are doing in our hearts and lives. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen

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