Bursting with Blessings

How To Grow In Knowledge & Wisdom: Devotional Philippians 1:9

Who doesn't want wisdom and discernment?

God's word is living and active, a light in the dark evil of this world.

We often search for answers by asking friends, googling on the internet, and chewing on the issue till we're physically and emotionally sick.

I think most often I don't seek God first because I don't want the light to shine on the parts where my actions caused the problem. And I definitely don't want God to give me an answer I don't want to hear--the hard answer, the outcome that looks nothing like the one I think is best, the one that takes work and growth to achieve.

We have a choice today and everyday--to seek wisdom from His word, to sensitize our spirit with His word more than the world's words/media/etc. so that we have discernment, and to courageously face our behavior that is contributing to our brokenness and dysfunction.

Let's pray: Lord God thank You so much that we have access to Your Holy word that is living and active, able to create the right and good change that we need so much.

Lord please give us courage to face the attitudes, mindsets, behaviors, and daily routines that hinder us growing in Your word and sensitizing our spirits to knowing the truth and walking the road less traveled.

Thank You Lord God for all that You are working to do in our lives.

We sing praises to Your name, Amen.

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