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How To Have Humble Balance In Honoring Others: Devotional Philippians 2:3

Honor others, see others through God's eyes...

American culture women, myself included, typically have an unhealthy way of viewing others as better than ourselves.

We often lack the mature balance--swinging so far to the other side that we don't value ourselves, we become people pleasers, and we lack the confidence to stride forward in the dreams and calling that God has placed on our lives.

We need to cultivate the understanding the God shows no partiality--He loves each of us with a deep, fierce, amazing love that surpasses all worldly understanding.

Let's daily cultivate an understanding that we are worthy, loved, and sought after just as the woman or man next to us is. Then we can have the balance of knowing that we can honor others and ourselves by keeping our service and deeds to the glory of God.

Let's pray: Dear Lord Almighty, we humbly thank You for loving us with a fierce, amazing love. We sing praises to Your name for showing us that we have worth as Your precious daughter in Christ Jesus.

Lord please help us to grow in a spiritual maturity that stomps out the lies that we aren't good enough. Help us please to cultivate a right humility that is not self-serving but Kingdom-serving.

We give You all glory and praise! Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, Amen.

Drop an Amen if you agree!

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