Bursting with Blessings

How To Create A Biblical Vision Board: Christian Coaching For Your Abundant Life & Future

Is now a time for you to invest in learning how to create a Biblical Vision Board with scripture, affirmation, and proclamations?

Now, is the time to grow, learn, and be ready for the future. We will come out of this strange and difficult time. We can use this time to learn and grow.

How can I help you? I am here to serve and help you get ready for the future.

Do you want to start by building your Biblical vision board and planning your learning and strategy for achieving your dreams and goals?

Come and work with me for only $47.00 for two one hour coaching calls and help with finding the scriptures you need.

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About Leah Virgin
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I am bursting to share how to apply God's word for true life transformation and positive change. I help women and others go from anxious & stressed to calm & faithful in all circumstances