Bursting with Blessings

How To Become The Mighty, Favored, & Blessed Daughter Of God

How do you visualize yourself? What do you see and say inside of your mind?

What we are experiencing now is what we visualized and talked about last year. We are the sum of what we believe (about ourselves, others, money, sales, achievement, love, hardship, pain, mothering, leadership, etc.)

I struggled with anxiety and fear so much so that my world was small, broken, depressed, and a mess. I'm blessed that God didn't let me ruin my marriage and more through those harsh decades.

I didn't know my value, my worth, and didn't believe my kingdom calling. I worried about everything. I stressed about every circumstance. I complained about everything to everyone who would listen--I'm surprised I have any friends left now that I know better and behave better (yes, I'm still learning and growing :-).

In the beginning of my growth journey I had so many broken thoughts and visualizations about confidence, leadership, money, sales, marketing, mothering while running a business and so on! No wonder it took me so long to get my first paying coaching client! What I saw and said in my head directly fed what my business and life was!

The majority of women worry about everything most especially what others think about them and their choices/life. Most women talk trash about themselves to others and to themselves!

So many of us have toxic relationships & thoughts, broken dreams, unhealthy habits with food, money, etc.--no wonder women aren't achieving the level of health, success, and fortune that they say they want!

God doesn't want this for you or me. God loves us with an everlasting love. God isn't biased. He shows no favoritism or partiality from one person to the next (Deuteronomy 10:17). Each of us He loves with His whole heart and soul (Jeremiah 32:41).

Let's choose today to start changing what we see, what we visualize about ourselves, money, love, leadership, God, etc. Let's choose to see and visualize ourselves through the God-given dreams, goals, and most especially HIS WORD!

Who does God say you are? What does God want you visualizing and building with Him?

*If you ready to transform quickly without overwhelm, message me now for the abundance of blessings that await you when you choose God-blessed eyes and hands to see and create all He has planned for you!

Let's pray: Dear God, thank You for this day. Thank You for revelation from Your scripture. Thank You for Your love that is everlasting, transformative, and beyond what we can truly comprehend.

Lord please help us to humble ourselves and repent of seeing and speaking about ourselves in ways that are not edifying or empowering us into the plans that You have for us.

Please grant us God-blessed eyes to see ourselves the way You do. Please grant us the courage to start speaking counter to the lies and generation curses that have been spoken over us, to us, or about us and our family.

We thank You Jesus for being our Savior, Redeemer, Sustainer, Healer, & Protector. Please rebuke the enemy from us and keep the devourer from our harvest of growth.

We thank You and praise You for delivering us from sin and brokenness. Please keep us on a path to healing and a balanced perspective on ourselves and our circumstances.

Thank You Lord for hearing our heart cries. We long for the abundance that comes from a deep, dynamic relationship with You.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen.

I empower women to become the miracle they seek--through learning how to speak the word of God to cultivate faithfulness, knowledge of your value, worth, gifts, and more.

I will help you create the confidence, the mindset, the actions, the joy, and the perseverance to thrive in all of life's circumstances both good and bad.

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If you are ready for success breakthrough strategies and empowerment then book a zoom chat with me on my calendar link.

(Have you created a scripture board--a vision to work toward? Here's the link to my book on how to create it and use it every morning.)

Become the queen God wants you to be!

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