Bursting with Blessings

How To Walk By Faith: Devotional Psalm 142:1-3

How do we feel our emotions, pour them out, and then walk by faith?

Running from my emotions taught me that they just come back stronger and cause me to react and act out of alignment with Jesus' call for Christians.

Sitting in my emotions, stewing on them, and complaining about them taught me that they just grow and magnify creating a broken mind, bitterness, defeat, and discouragement.

Choosing to talk them out with God is our answer. Choosing to journal them out, feel them, and speak God's truth over them creates healing, creates empowerment. Then we must choose to release the outcomes, step out in faith, and walk where we feel God is leading us with a courage to acknowledge if it is the hard road.

Most of the time, we choose the easy path even when we know God is calling us to another way--the "hard" path. The easy way always has more pain and traps in the long run.

Let's choose to journal out our thoughts, speak God's word, and release control to Jesus Christ to craft as He so chooses.

Let's choose the path of self-discipline and self-control. Let's choose to value listening to others, praying for others, and forgiving others over speaking hurriedly our perspective and trying to force others into our will.

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Let's pray: Dear God Almighty, we are in awe of Your love for us. We are in awe of Your holy power and might to transform all situations and lead us onto the path of blessings.

Thank You Jesus that You walk this life with us. Thank You Lord that You hear our cries and know our emotions and pain!

Lord please forgive us our sins and our desires to control and manipulate our emotions and circumstances into a preconceived notion that comes from the world's messages.

Please Lord help us to cultivate healthy ways to process our emotions with You, to release control to You, and to be the light and love of Jesus Christ.

We know You have plans for each of us. We know that Your plans are always better for us and Your Kingdom agenda than we can ever imagine or hope for. Please help us to cultivate self-control and perseverance to come into alignment with Your will and way.

We need You Jesus. We need to learn each day to tap into Your peace that dwells in us by releasing control of the outcomes of our circumstances and trusting in You, walking by faith, and choosing the road less traveled.

Please Lord cover us with Your pinions of protection, surround us with Your favor as a shield, crush the enemies schemes, and light the path to walk each day.

We sing praises to Your name, now and each day! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Amen.

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