Bursting with Blessings

How To Have Peace & Stamina Through All Of Life's Circumstances: Devotional James 1:2-3

I'm not there yet. Are you?

I don't see difficult days, trials and hard circumstances from a point of joy.

While I understand the deeper more mature calling that verse one implores us to--I don't know that I will ever be at a point of celebration when bad circumstances happen to me.

But, the one thing that my, training, my intense time with the word and God over the last 5 years has taught me is that I can have a peace, a stamina, and an outlook on my circumstances that is a blessing during hard days and crises.

We can have a mindset of peace (knowing the Lord walks with us), a mindset to be looking for God's hand to move in our circumstances, and a mindset to use the trials of life to grow closer to God, His word, and the blessings He wants for us.

*Want to learn how? 🗣🤳 message me and I'll teach you the tools that bring stamina and blessings.

Let's pray: Dear Lord God we thank You for Your love and mercy. We thank You Jesus that You walked this broken world for our salvation and You walk with us through every second of our lives.

Lord help us to cultivate a deep knowledge of Your word and a faith that can withstand the trials of this life.

Lord please help us to have God blessed eyes to see our circumstances through Your perspective and help us to grow through them instead of becoming bitter and stagnant.

We thank You and praise You for all that You are doing in our lives, through our lives, and for our lives.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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