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A Mother Screaming Into The Void For Systemic Change

I am grateful our president spoke out.

But we, mothers of black children, desperately need encouragement from our president that a system of educating our police officers and government officials will be put in place.

I know that I have no power. I am a mother screaming into the void hoping someone will listen. Hoping someone will force education on this nation and break the system of racism and white privilege that has a hold on our country.

People of color are forced into silence because they fear for their lives. Let that sink in for a second.

Are you wondering why some of your black friends aren't speaking out?

One of mine did and she was told that her business should burn and her children should die. Do you see?

Do you see that I am fighting with what little power I have to help open eyes?

Are you bored at my posts? I'm not. I'm screaming for change to a country that doesn't want to.

I'm crying at night because I can't get not one person of power that I have emailed to respond to me. Why? Because I don't have enough followers? I don't have money?

I can't buy a page in the newspaper. I can't put up thousands of dollars to a political association.

But, I won't stop today. I won't stop tomorrow. I will keep sharing. I will keep sharing into the social media void. Maybe I can help one mind think more, research more, tell someone else more about what is happening.

Thank you for sharing my post.

*photo credit to HannahLane Photography

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