Bursting with Blessings

Your Unique Life Journey, Devotional John 21:22

You are unique and your calling is uniquely yours!

Do you ever compare yourself?

I've struggled for my entire life with looking at other people's lives and seeing if I'm doing it the "right" way.  And here's the thing God never told me to look at others and walk the same way they do.  God has never once told me to emulate another person. In the Bible it says to imitate Christ, to abide in Him, to discern His will and walk out His plans.  Jesus commands Peter to focus on his unique path with Jesus.  Peter was so busy looking at another fellow disciple and asking about that guy's life that he missed that Jesus--the creator of the universe was standing right there ready to talk with him about his unique calling.

I encourage us today to double down on our efforts not to compare or look at someone else's life for the answers on how we are to walk our unique journey.  Let's double our efforts to ask God to help us wisely move through our day and life.  Let's double our efforts to find answers in God's word on how to live and act during our unique time on this earth.
See you all soon for today's Bible Study & prayer time.

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