Bursting with Blessings

You Are A Wonder Woman! How To Not Grow Weary: Hebrews 12:2

Do you need energy to keep going?

I often think about how much power it took for Jesus to hold himself still and allow His crucifixion.

Jesus had the power to multiply food, to cast out demons, to heal lepers--no one questioned those truths while they put Him on trial, tortured Him, and crucified Him. They even mocked Him and goaded Him to heal himself and come down from the cross--which He had the power to do.

Yet He endured. He fought the aching desire to make the agonizing pain stop and He became our Savior, our Healer, our path to God.

The sinful heart of humans can see a miracle one second, dismiss it the next, and then act with great evil.

This world and human hearts are crying out for Jesus's transformation, salvation, healing, and redemption.

I know that we women are often weary of doing good. We are often the ones standing in the gap trying to heal our broken families. We wonder women for God are Jesus's hands and feet.

Today my Wonder Woman friend, I want you to rest at His feet, drink in His love, pour out your heart, and ask for renewed strength to fight for justice, transformation, and healing in whatever area He has called you to.

Let's pray: Dear Lord Almighty, we humbly come before You a Holy God because Christ paid it all.

We praise You Lord Jesus and thank You that You are forever our picture of endurance, sacrifice, and love.

Lord please renew our energy to fight for where you have called us to bring Your light, love, and truth.

Lord please give us wisdom, guidance, and the right balance on how to live our lives, fight for truth and healing, and provide love and mercy to all those around us.

We pray that You would cause a revival in every Christian heart to fight for truth, justice, love, and mercy. We pray for an end to sin, brokenness, selfishness, hatred, and evil.

Thank You Lord Jesus for making us Your hands and feet. Please lead us on the path we should walk. Please protect those who serve You.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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