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Why Abortion Is A Sign We As Christians Aren't Growing In His Word

Written by: Leah Mason-Virgin

The recent decision by New York state to change its abortion statutes has re-ignited a fire to talk about abortion.

The fire of disagreement, pain, and emotionally charged words is stirring fervent words and feelings by many people.  

My mind reeled at the thought of more children killed before they are ever able to choose how to live their life.  Or even be able to choose how they will impact this world.  I experienced a frustration and sadness that engulfed my thoughts.  I looked at my precious daughter and thought how blessed I am that her birthmother made the choice to allow us to be her parents and raise her.

I am wondering how we can be here—be okay as a nation with killing children.  

On Facebook there are tons of stories about abused dogs rescued—the organization begging for donations to protect abused and abandoned dogs.  People watch and I watch the stories in horror that anyone could abuse an animal.  

We watch on Facebook stories about micro-premature infants surviving against all odds.  We smile with tears at the amazing desire to fight and survive that the little one has.  We all cheer that this child will survive and grow up to experience life.

We are constantly bombarded on T.V. and social media about how our government needs to care more.  More and more talk about intentional and mindful social kindness.  More and more talk about how our children are experiencing being bullied and marginalized.  The list of sins and selfishness that our social media decries could go on and on.

We as Christians know that this is a sinful broken world.  We know that the human heart is sinful and prone to evil without Christ ruling it.

I know in my mind that without Christ a person will not perceive good and evil as they should.

I know that Christ opens the eyes of the blind to see what justice and injustice is.

I know that in the old testament even God's people chose to sacrifice their children when their hearts and minds had turned from The Lord to embrace the idols of their neighbors.

I've tried to think what argument will turn a person's heart and mind toward the truth—that no child deserves to be murdered in the womb or out of the womb.  The only thing that came to mind is that until that person has a heart change to Jesus Christ they will continue to live in darkness and be blinded to the truth of what is good, holy, and right and what is evil.

People stand with signs screaming at one another that abortion is murder while the other person screams that its their body and their choice.  I don't think anyone ever has a true heart change when being screamed at.

I'm not telling anyone not to picket with calm prayer and an openness to talk to the women who are confused about what they should do with their baby.

What I am doing is calling Christians to learn the word of God.  (You can read my blog on how to listen to the Bible when busy here.) I'm calling Christians to learn how to talk about Jesus Christ with loving compassion.  (You can find great information from Ravi Zacharias here.)

I was a Christian whose words and actions didn't exemplify my belief in Christ.  And I'm still not perfect, nor will I ever be, but I'm striving to know the word of God and share its truth with loving kindness. I want to able to answer anyone at any time about my beliefs in the sanctity of life.

I'm calling Christians that are on the fence about whether they can stand up and write their congressman, to learn more about the God they profess to believe in.  To take 15 minutes and write their congressman and tell them how much they value life.  I'm calling for the on the fence Christian to spend 10 minutes searching the organizations that support life and the women who are pregnant and post the resources on their social media accounts.  

The people who are hurt by the abortion decision are the women who will commit the abortion and then live with the deep emotional turmoil for the rest of their lives.

Most women who choose to end the life of their child through abortion don't have resources, knowledge, and support.  They lack a support system that encourages them to think through all the available resources and to reach out for help and support.  

I'm calling for Christians to not only tithe to their church as God instructs but to put their resources into supporting foundations and charitable organizations that allow women the ability to find help.

We as Christians need to re-ignite our passion for God and reading His word.  His word is the lamp that lights up truth, good, and justice.  His Holy word gives clarity to how we should choose to speak and act on His behalf as His hands and feet.  I want us to speak up.  I want us to say what is truth and good.  And I want every single Christian to do it!

Let's pray:  Dear Lord God almighty, creator of the heavens and earth, author of our salvation, lover of our souls, maker of our inmost being.  We know that you are the creator God.  We worship and adore You.  We know that You lovingly look down on each of us.  We know that you sent Your son our savior Jesus Christ so that we could be forgiven and free.  We thank You Jesus for washing our sins away and putting a new mind and heart inside of us.  Lord Jesus we know that You desire each of us to choose the abundant life in You.  Lord Jesus help us to know You better.  Lord Jesus help us to have Your holy word imprinted upon our hearts and minds.  Help us Lord God to speak with kind compassion to all those around us.  Help us Lord to have a servant heart and to seek opportunities to give and serve as You want us to.  In Jesus Name, Amen!

Ephesians 4:23-25 Worldwide English (New Testament) (WE)

23 Have a new mind and heart.

24 Be a new person. That new person has been made like God. He does what is right and holy because he knows the truth.

Our Family Walking From Church. May my family and your family grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!
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