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What Is Mom Mastery University? Yes, You Deserve & Need A Life Coach & Mentor

What is Mom Mastery University

What is Mom Mastery University. Why everyone needs a life coach. This is where you find tools for the abundant and joyful life. #MMU #BurstingWithBlessings

Posted by Leah Mason-Virgin Burstingwithblessings.com on Monday, January 28, 2019

What is Mom Mastery University?  Y'all have heard me talk about my growth and change through the coaching program Mom Mastery University. I am a certified mentor through Mom Mastery University.  Mom Mastery University gives the real tools and real ways to change and grow without confusion.  I always wanted to live the abundant stress free life that some speak about.  Now I am building that life through the coaching sessions.  Hannah Keeley has created more than 300 plus coaching sessions, training sessions, and life skill building trainings.  And she presents a new one every week.  I am bursting to keep sharing this with you all.  I know that I want all my friends to be joy-filled and successful in every area of their life.  I've always wanted to help people and this is one of the most effective, real, and lasting tools I have found.  I hope you'll give a listen to my video and reach out to me. I want you to have a coach and mentor to create your best life ever.  I want to be that for you but frankly I just want you to have it no matter if it is me or not. :-) Investing in ourselves always has a 1000 to 1 return on investment.#MomMasteryUniversity #WhatIsMomMasteryUniversity#MMU#BurstingToShare#Mentor#TransformationAndChange#BurstingWithBlessings

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