Bursting with Blessings

We Live For Him: Devotional Romans 14:7-8

Who we are matters. 🥰

When we know who we are, we know how to be in every circumstance that we encounter. 🥳

When we know that we are loved ❤️ by the creator of the heavens and earth then we know we are made worthy by Him who calls us to shine our light in such a way that others will see our good work and glorify Him who deserves all the glory and honor. 🙏

When we know the depth of sacrifice that Jesus made for us then it is no hardship to live for Him, to act for Him, and to speak about Him. 😍🗣👣 We don't wait to feel like doing what's right and good in His eyes. We move through our day with wisdom from the Lord. We do all for Him. We don't stop and worry--we praise and pray.

May God strengthen you for every good work 💪. May God fill you with awe and wonder at His goodness in such a way that your very actions are transformed to His glory. In Jesus name, Amen! #DoIntoFeeling

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About Leah Virgin
United States
I am bursting to share how to apply God's word for true life transformation and positive change. I help women and others go from anxious & stressed to calm & faithful in all circumstances
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