Bursting with Blessings

We Are Daughters Of The Living God! Devotional Galatians 4:7

What does being an heir mean to you?

God says that we are His sons and daughters. God is not like the Father's of this world. I've been forsaken by every parent I've ever known because their dysfunction is unhealthy to be around. Thankfully, my Abba Father never leaves me nor forsakes me. Thankfully, His truth and words are life everlasting and healing.

I know that the trials of this life are sometimes beyond bearing and we wonder where our Abba Father is. Thankfully this world is not our home.

This broken sinful world deals a rough hand. We often create the hard circumstances we endure but Abba God is right there with us. Comforting us and growing us within those circumstances if we submit to that learning and maturing.

Let's pray: Dear Abba Father God Almighty, we worship and give You all honor and praise. Thank You God for loving us in a real, lasting, redeeming, healing, and transforming way.

Thank You Lord that You consider us Your daughters. Please Lord forgive us and lead us to the truth everlasting of Your Holy word.

Jesus please lead us to the scripture that heals. Please lead us to cultivating the faith, strength, and courage to change our lives in such a way that we can inherit the promises and blessings You have for us.
In Jesus name, we pray, Amen

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