Bursting with Blessings

Verses Of The Day: Isaiah 44

Verses of the day: Isaiah 44
Thinking on these beautiful verses.
So much depth and so many blessings in each verse.
These verses are worthy to be pondered and prayed on
Our Creator God formed us
Our Creator God helps us
Calls us not to fear
Calls us chosen
Pours out living water on our thirsty souls
Streams of blessings into our lives turning the dry ground of our lives into green pastures full of peace
Pouring out His Spirit on our children and descendants--all because we turned to Him with a humble heart and made Him Lord of our life.
Made Him the priority
Made His word our lamp that shines on where we need transformation and change
Made His word the defining force to inspire intentional work to grow our spiritual walk
Made praising Him each day and in each situation a priority
Singing praises to His name! Amen

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