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How To Go From Busy Chaos To A Wisely Chosen Day

Today's world tells us busy is good.  The world tells us that busy equals fruitful and prosperous.

We strive, stress, and strain our way through over packed days wondering what we accomplished as we collapse into bed at night.

I used to own the mindset that I was a busy, overwhelmed mom.  Most of my text messages has those words in them along with the word stressed.  I allowed it to be my identity.  The "good" mom is stressed out, overwhelmed and running around in a never-ending battle of trying to keep it all together.

As I was going through Mom Boot Camp, our Christian Coach Hannah Keeley was talking about mindset shifts and overwhelm.  We live busy lives that are unfruitful and lack any real accomplishment that is lasting to building up our lives.  Which in-turn creates a since of mothering guilt and fatigue that sets deep in our bones and mind.  Which for some turns into anxiety and depression.  

Her plan of building a MAP of your day allows for actionable ability to perform the mundane tasks of the day and our other responsibilities with wisdom.  God wants us to build the joyful, abundant, and fruitful life.  If we keep adding things to our plate and never seek His counsel, we will find ourselves exhausted, angry, snapping, overwhelmed, depleted, and unfruitful.  

Mom fatigue syndrome is real.  As moms we are MVPs—multi variable professionals.  Things are constantly shifting and re-shaping our day.  We need an action plan that allows for shifts.  Most day planners are far to rigid; and build a far too rigid mindset that just leaves us feeling guilty and let down.  

God's word says: Isaiah 28:29 "This too comes from Adonai-Tzva'ot—His counsel is wonderful, His wisdom great."  

Psalm 106:13 "But soon they forgot His deeds and wouldn't wait for His counsel."

Proverbs 22:20 "I have written you worthwhile things full of good counsel and knowledge,"

Job 12:13 "With God are wisdom and power; He has good counsel and understanding."

Over and over God speaks about His counsel and wisdom.  He talks about giving us that which we ask for.  He wants us to lean into Him, to pray for our days.  To spends a few minutes each morning thanking Him for our day and then prioritizing as the day progresses, with Him--not without.

If you are fatigued and totally overwhelmed by life, seek His rest.  Seek clarity from God on how to structure your day.  Come join the Boot Camp and build a more fruitful life.  I can't fully tell you how freeing it is when I have God and real tools to help me flow through my full day; meeting challenges with grace and wisdom from the Lord.  No, I'm not saying you will never again have an overwhelmed or stressed day, but I am saying that with God and a tools to implement a better plan, it can be a blessed day in the midst of the challenges.  

Psalm 32:8 "I will instruct and teach you in this way that you are to go; I will give you counsel; my eyes will be watching you."

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