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Transformation: How To Change, How To Transform Your Life

I Don't WANNA....

Change and transformation... do those words make you shutter?  Does part of you perk up, while the other part shrinks back?

I know exactly what it is like to say "that's just the way I am" and shrink away from any real transformation work.  From my broken childhood I attended therapy sessions looking for healing.  The work is hard.  It takes ripping open wounds and stitching them back the right way.  Taking the scar tissue down and sealing the wound with new thoughts and actions.

Over the years, I hobbled along trying to learn bits here and there to help my life be less stressed and more productive.  I would read a book here, attend a seminar there.  Try to glean a bit from my sporadic Bible time.  Pull a few thoughts from Sunday services.  Hobbling along, compensating for areas in my life that I either refused to change or work on or didn't even realize how badly the area needed healing.

In nursing, we sometimes must scrape the dead skin and damaged tissue away.  It is as it sounds—painful.  Oh, but the real healing can begin.  Stay with me on this.  Once healing happens then strength builds.  Like a muscle that is not used we must put it through strength training exercises.  The area needs time and practice to move in the right way—not compensating with other muscles that are fatigued and incapable of full function the way the intended muscle is.  

This verse came via an email devotional I get. This fall is the season to dig up the fallow land, or the damaged tissue and plant God's word in it. Don't shy away from the hard work that will produce an "easier" life. By easier I mean that you will brave and walk through challenges far easier and more fruitfully.

Hosea 10:12 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)
12 If you sow righteousness for yourselves,
you will reap according to grace.
Break up unused ground for yourselves,
because it is time to seek Adonai,
till he comes and rains down
righteousness upon you.

When I came through the devastation of a flooded basement that had to be gutted—scraped clean of the sagging, soggy, grossly waterlogged items—I realized I had a lot more damaged areas that needed work inside of me.  I was not responding to this crisis the way I wanted to!

My heart was telling me I can trust my God.  My heart was shouting at my head to stop the tears, the anger, and the depression that was rolling through me in a never-ending loop.  Part of me was so shocked by my behavior and thoughts because I knew how blessed I was.  I knew that a lot of people had lost their homes, their businesses, their precious memories.  I knew that my faith should be so much stronger than what my actions said.  I was in utter conflict to my core.  No, I did not blame God at all.  No, my depression and devastation were coming from old thought patterns created from pain and hurts.  

God was preparing me and showing me that there was so much more transformation He wanted to do in me.  No, I am NOT saying God caused this flood or the flooding of my home.  He does allow the consequences of human actions.  The area we live in has not been protected from over development and poor land management.  But, that is a topic for another day.  Additionally, our 1954 home has since lost its water barrier; that is just the reality of this world and the things made by our human hands—nothing but God and His word lasts forever.

God brought into my life, through my friend Jenni, a Christian Coaching and life transformation program called Mom Mastery University Boot Camp program by Hannah Keeley.  Thankfully, it's not a physical boot camp 😉 It is a spiritual thought, and action, transformation boot camp!  WOW!  Say that 10 times 😊

I cannot fully explain in words to you how the 6 weeks of webinars, tools, life hacks, and Biblical principles—turned into actionable day to day processes radically changed my mindset and my life.  Each week was actionable tools that we implemented to turn our mom fatigue, depression, anger, resentment, and confusion into a flowing, functional, joyful, productive day.  My thoughts and behavior started to turn into what I had always wanted.  I was shown that my mindset was so logged in negativity, anxiety, stress, and depression that I was mostly just a barely functioning mom.  Oh, I was still a good L.C. and coworker.  Most people would not have known how difficult things inside were for me.  But, my family knew, and I mostly knew things were not the way I truly wanted. I had allowed my identity to be one of anxiety and stress.  I thought this meant I was productive and a good mom.  I was so busy, yet never truly joyful to the degree that it produced good fruit.

In our society we tell each other that stressed out and busy are good things!  Oh, we give lip service to the word balance and happiness.  We post memes about de-stressing and de-cluttering and living the good life.  We tell others to not schedule so much stuff.  However, the reality is the majority of the messages in our social media, friend groups, television programs, and advertisements tell us moms that stressed and busy is what we should be.  And behind closed doors our lives are just barely holding together in a positive way.

We need real tools!  We need real ways to make our days flow.  We need real transformation.  We need real mindset shifts to be able to live productive, abundant, joyful, and fruitful lives we can be proud of.  We need actionable, quick, and lasting results.  We need therapy and tools that transform as fast as is possible.

The Boot Camp was the quickest, cheapest, and most valuable therapy I have ever had!!  Sorry but I don't have years to spend in therapy anymore.  I need quick, lasting, and Biblical change that produces a truly thriving family.  

If you have read this far then your spirit is shouting for healing and help too.  I pray that if you need life change and tools that you will invest in yourself for healing and transformation.  If you are ready to grow and not grumble anymore—if you are ready to not cuddle with your excuses but execute change then you are ready to go to boot camp. 😊

Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions.  I want the abundant and joyful life for every mom and person on this planet.  It's not to good to be true.  I can attest to that.  I never thought I could be free of depression, anxiety, and fears that swam through my mind so often.  

Tomorrow we will talk about Bible reading and applying God's word to our lives.

I wish you all a blessed day!

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