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Stop Flirting With The World's Way & Build Your House On The Rock: Devotional James 4:4-6

Where is your house built?

Jesus told a parable about a house built on solid rock and the other on sinking sand. What are we building the house of our mind on?

I talk a lot about preparing for hard times. Hard days come, crisis comes, heartbreak comes--how are we preparing our heart, mind, and life for the challenges and trials of this life?

It takes intentional daily work to keep building the mind on the solid rock of God's word so that we receive His blessings and His grace for every moment of our life.

It takes intentional daily work not to flirt with worldly ways and ideas as the tug of this world tries to move our house onto the edge of destruction.

Let's intentionally check in on what we're feeding our mind, what our daily habits are, and remind ourselves that God's ways are true blessings.

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Let's pray: Dear Lord God, thank You for Your word. Thank You for calling us by name and bringing us into Your love, grace, mercy, truth, and salvation.

Lord please infuse us with stamina, strength, and perseverance to never flirt with worldly ways, but to consistently build our minds on Your word and way.

Lord we thank You that You are a jealous God for our love and devotion--for by it You came to save us and give us blessings beyond worldly ways and into eternity.

Please keep us ever fixed on You and never straying from Your path.

We love You and worship You! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen!

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