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Setting Permanent Boundaries On Family Members Is Healthy & Christ Like: Christians Stop Supporting Abuse!

An interesting moment in social media today:
Some know how broken my extended family is.  All the people who call themselves my parent or step-parent are in permanent time out.

Today, I happened to see that my biological father has created an account on social media--and I immediately blocked his profile, just as I have done to all those in my life who refuse to acknowledge their sin, brokenness, and seek counseling.

I am constantly shocked when I see other Christians encourage wives to stay in emotionally abusive marriages, or for adult children to keep their abusive parents in their lives.

Family should be people that care, share, and are there no matter the circumstances in a positive and healthy and valuable way.
They should be people that are healthy, able to apologize, able to embrace change and boundaries.
Just because you share DNA & RNA with someone does not make them family.

Far to many people that I've counseled as a nurse, coached as a life coach, cling to the people that share their name, or "blood" while living in a whirlwind of hurt and dysfunction.

My friends blood is not thicker than water. Blood is not something that should be used to bully or push you to do things or tolerate things that go against your physical, mental, or emotional health.

Boundaries are healthy. And sometimes permanent time out for people who refuse to get therapy or change their behavior is necessary.

Jesus Christ never instructed us to stay in a place where we are abused emotionally or physically.  He instructed us to remove ourselves from them and put them in Abba Father's hands for instruction--however God sees fit to do that.

Forgiveness does not mean what the perpetrator did was okay.  It does not mean that we return for more abuse.  Forgiveness means we release our right for retribution and put them in God's hands to deal with. And then seek healing from God's anointed counselors.

You are loved and made worthy by Jesus Christ.  Therefor, you are worthy of right treatment in this life!

Choose to get therapy. Choose your whole body health, no matter what others think or say.
It is Christian to protect yourself and to remove toxic people from your lives--don't let any "Christian" tell you different.

Find health, healing, and life through counseling, life coaching, and God.

For you are beloved, precious, and worthy of all health and abundance.

If you need encouragement or more resources feel free to message me Leah Mason-Virgin

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Choose To Care Enough For Yourself To Set Healthy Boundaries
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