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Putting On Over and Over: How To Renew Your Mind Throughout The Day

How often do we find ourselves knocked down and tired?  A bit of snarl leaps from our lips.  Our speech becomes clipped and short.

The exhaustion of the day has taken me over full force today.  A bit of the defeat of a long week with not enough rest and sleep.  Can you relate?

I have good intentions for peace and patience.  Do you ever have days where you exclaim that today will be a day of patience and kindness and energy?

Today's prayer we looked at Colossians chapter 3.  The beauty of transformation in Christ Jesus brings to us a new calling to be as He is.  We are to renew our minds with His word and His calling.

He calls us to PUT ON—a very active action.  Not a passive thing where we just expect that one day we will wake up and be awesome moms, or friends or professionals.  Awesome professionals or mothers aren't just for a lucky few.  They don't just happen to some.  We must put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience (verse 12).  Bearing with one another, forgiving one another, and ultimately to put on love.

We may need to put on and renew more times than we can count.  As the day tumbles along or whips us along, we many need to put on and renew our resolve to transform ourselves, our words, our actions, our intentions to the authentic actions that Christ performs.  Over and over He will lift us up and work to transform us if we submit to Him.

Throw off the guilt and keep renewing, changing, transforming your words and deeds over and over.  Until you have more times of being like Him and less times of snarling.  More times of smiling and less times of grumbling.  We can do it with the Holy Spirit living in us.    

Reach for Him in prayer and thanksgiving.  Call to Him to help infuse you with His energy and love.  Call on Him to fill your mind with His wisdom and words.  Call on Him to fill your mind with a psalm or song.  Music speaks so deeply and is so uplifting if we choose the right songs to fill our minds with.

I have in my planner verses, affirmations, and proclamations to speak and read throughout the ever-flowing day.  I need to call out to God—instead of yelling at my children out of exasperation and exhaustion.  Isaiah 40:29 "He invigorates the exhausted, He gives strength to the powerless."

Gratitude for what God is doing in my life reinvigorates me too.  There is always something to be grateful for.  I pray that you reach for His word, His songs, His love today.  May it invigorate you to run the course that Adonia has laid out for you this day and each day.  In Jesus name, Amen!

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