Bursting with Blessings

Proclamation To Speak Over Your Life

Today is a two post day.

I love proclamations.  I believe strongly, now, that we need to speak life over-- and over-- ourselves all day long.

Here is mine today:  I am an awesome mom.  I am queen of this household and I am clothed with righteousness from the Lord.  I speak with patience and kindness from the Lord.  The Lord is giving me wisdom and energy to move through my day.  I wisely choose how to move through my day and which tasks are a priority for today.  I am calm and my spirit is calm because the Holy Spirit dwells within me and guides me.  I am brave and courageous just like Joshua in the Bible because I am in the right hand of the most high God.  He is my strong tower.  I am safe and loved by the creator of the universe.  There is no lack in my life.  I am abundantly blessed by the right hand of Adonai.  My Jehovah Jireh is my provider.  He is providing an abundant financial blessings for our family and home.  

Share your proclamation for the day :-)

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