Bursting with Blessings

Power In The Word! Proclamation For Today

There is power in proclaiming the word of God over yourself and into your circumstances!

Y'all life is hard but we can stop making it harder and start creating peace in every circumstance. Though the enemy comes to disrupt and destroy in ways we sometimes don't expect--doesn't mean we just have to take it! Jesus told the enemy to scram with the word of God. We too can plug into the power of resetting our mind and emotions using the word of God. We too can tell the enemy that God is sovereign and His will WILL be done.

Y'all God is waiting for us to reach out and lean into Him. He is waiting for us to give Him room to work on us and our circumstances. Let's walk into that relationship proclaiming His truth! Let's sow spiritual seeds of learning and growth by speaking it, believing it, and being it.


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