Bursting with Blessings

Our Unique Blessings Lead To Unique Lives of Real Christ-like Behavior: Devotional 1 Corinthians 12:26

Your blessings, your gifts, your talents, your inheritance....

God created us with unique everything. There are no two people alike (even twins have differences).

In this broken world the enemy wants us comparing, contrasting, looking, and measuring ourselves to others and so on. We struggle to truly be happy when others are honored at work, church, etc.

Sometimes it amazing me when I am captivated by what someone else is doing in their lives, or awards that they are receiving--especially high profile people like actors or the British royalty. What makes me stop, read, stare, and wonder?

I'm not telling you you're bad to read people magazine or the like. It's human nature to compare. It's human nature to want good things that others SEEM to have.

But what is the cost to our spirit, mind, and emotions when we do this?

I think more often than not the comparison, the coveting, the veiled jealousy (yes, we have great excuses why we aren't jealous but just wanting the same things) robs us of our blessings. It blinds us to what God is doing in our lives. It keeps us from cultivating our gifts from God and sharing them with others.

If we had a true understanding that we are a treasured member of the body of Christ, uniquely loved, gifted, and blessed wouldn't it be so easy to celebrate when others are celebrating and to comfort when others need comforting.

Wouldn't it be easy to stay focused on growing our own gifts? We wouldn't be languishing in front of the TV at night watching other people live. Because we truly wouldn't care.

We wouldn't be jealous of the happy marriage down the street because we would be looking for ways to grow our compassion to our spouse.

We wouldn't be frustrated and complaining at work because we would be to busy learning how to become all that God wants us to be in our own gifts.

Let's think about and be intentional about our time. Let's analyze our habits, words, feelings, intentions so that we start to care more about growing ourselves and less about what others are doing or thinking.

What do you think?

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