Bursting with Blessings

Our Lord Strengthens Us: Devotional 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Where does your strength come from?

You are a woman of strength and courage. You are bold and brave. You can scale any situation thrown at you.

You are a woman of God.

When we choose to grow our faith muscles, our scripture muscles, our prayer muscles, and our communication muscles through the word of God we become strong and powerful because our power and strength come from the Lord.

Let's dig deep into the word today. Let's write out what it says and use the word "I". I am bold. I am strong. I am calm and peaceful because the Lord is my strong tower. The Lord covers me with His pinions.

Share what proclamations you are saying over yourself today.

Let's pray: Dear Lord Almighty, we humbly come before You with thanks and praise. We thank You for Your Holy word. We thank You that Your word and power make us bold and strong.

Lord please bring our thoughts and emotions into alignment with Your truth and peace that dwells within us. Please help us to speak the truth of Your word over ourselves and our circumstances now and forever.

We thank You and praise You for all that You are doing in our lives. Please bring about a swift end to these turbulent times and help us to grow spiritually from them. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen

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