Bursting with Blessings

Oh how great our God's love for us! Devotional Ephesians 1:7-8

Oh how great our God's love for us!

I can hardly fathom the depth of love that He has for us. I try and revel daily in His awesome love and forgiveness.

I spent many decades not following after Him with my whole heart. The amount of pride, sin, and sadness that I knowingly inflicted on myself and others boggles my mind most days.

I truly am humbled and awed by our Savior's love for us. As the song says "vast beyond all measure."

Let's take a few moments today to praise Jesus for His love and mercy. Praise Him for lasting forgiveness. Just revel in His love--no condemnation. Just love from Abba Father God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit.

Let's pray: Jesus, thank YOU! Praise You! For You are God alone. You are our Savior that took on the sins of the world and engulfed us with a love everlasting.

All praise and glory to You forever and ever! Thank You Abba Jesus Holy Spirit! Amen!

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