Bursting with Blessings

Journaling Our Anger: Devotional James 4:1

Let's talk about anger, fighting, and journaling today.

Anger, fighting, and yelling hardly produce the results we are usually after.

I grew up in a very unhealthy home. It was full of anger, fighting, yelling, abuse, and brokenness.

Those patterns are imprinted on our minds and then working to change those habits can be so hard.

But it's a good hard work that will break generational chains and create a different life like never before.

Journaling out thoughts on why you're feeling angry and what you want changed can bring about a blessing of insight and emotional change.

Today let's journal out our thoughts and feelings before acting on them.

Let's pray for emotions, thoughts, and feelings to come into alignment with God's perspective.

*need help on this--message me now and we'll see which one of my coaching courses will fit your needs.🤳🗣☕️❤️

Let's pray: Dear Lord Jesus thank You for this day. This is a day we get to praise and worship You. We thank You for blessing us with salvation, redemption, and daily transformation through Your word and spirit.

Lord Jesus please lead us to start creating healthier habits and practices to help break the chains of sin and sadness passed down to us by broken and hurting people.

Help us Lord to have the right type of anger and the right words to use when words are needed.

Help us please to find the healing scripture, anointed counselors, and stamina to transform our lives into the blessings you want for us.

Thank You Jesus for doing a mighty work in us.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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