Bursting with Blessings

I AM Loved! Devotional From John 15:9

Love, loved, loving, being loved. You and I are being loved by Jesus in the same manner that God loves Jesus!
Let that sink in for a second.

If you think that God loves Jesus with a fierce loyalty and all consuming love than you are right. Now think about that love coming right at you!

Awesome, amazing, incredible, unfathomable love, a love so deep and rich, oh how can it be?

Oh the depth and riches of God's great love for us! How can we fully grasp it!?

Let's take a moment to soak up that love and acceptance in Christ and through Christ. Let's take a moment to transform our thoughts about ourselves and give praise to God! We no longer are held back and chained down by the way that this broken world sees us! We can joyfully and ecstatically say "I AM LOVED!"

Let's share this message with everyone! Let's shout it out to all. This broken world needs a mindset shift on who they are and how worthy, loved, and wonderful they are in God's eyes.

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