Bursting with Blessings

How Words Have Power Over Your Life: Devotional James 3:8

There is a great deal of power in what we speak, how we speak, and when we speak.

I never realized how negative I was until I had my own Christian life coaching and transformation.

It was shocking and eye opening to realize how I talked. And how the words I spoke were holding me back from the blessings of God.

Are you ready to transform your words and create the blessings God wants for you?

I have a program created just for transforming our words and thoughts to create the blessed life that can withstand all that life throws at us--let's talk now.

Let's choose today to listen to the words we speak and start changing them to create a life full of truth, power, love, and life.

Let's pray: Dear Lord Your word is truth, power, and salvation. Thank You Jesus that we can confess with our mouth, believe in our heart, and be forever saved in You.

We are in awe of Your love, sacrifice, and healing in our lives.

Lord Jesus please lead us today to read the scripture that we need to speak, believe, and be for the blessings that You long for us to have and the blessing You long for us to be for others.

Lord we thank You for what You are doing in our lives, through our lives, and for our lives. We sing praises to Your name now and forever.


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