Bursting with Blessings

How To Use Past Failure To Create A Life Filling Affirmation

Wishing everyone a blessed and grateful Sunday!

Be grateful for past growth
Be blessed today that you can grow no matter life's challenges

I sometimes look back and grumble at myself for all my failures and missed opportunities to have created a better future for my children. I wish I had worked on my mindset and attitude and words so many years ago. I try not to grieve that I could have done so much better for myself and my family decades ago.

But wallowing in that will not make now better or tomorrow or next year any better. The enemy seeks to keep us fixed on the past. God seeks our repentance and faith filled action toward transformation and change through the power of The Holy Spirit that lives within us.

Today pick up your mat and walk! (reference John 5:8)
God challenges us to action after the encounter with Him.

Pick up your past failures and use them to spur you to walk toward change.
Take those pains and make a proclamation about yourself that is positive and life filling
One affirmation on my mothering that I now declare "I am an amazing mother with wisdom from the Lord!"
"I speak with kind courage." "Thank you Lord for entering wisdom into my mind and making knowledge enjoyable to learn."

What affirmation are you going to start proclaiming? I would love to hear

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