Bursting with Blessings

How To Take Courage: Devotional John 16:33

What is courage? I know there are a lot of different interpretations of courage. What is yours?

Jesus in this verse tells us to TAKE courage. I love that word. It's so different than have or get. Think about it for a moment. I don't have courage on a lot of things. I now have cultivated a "do it anyway" mindset.

When life makes me feel like hiding or I feel fear welling up in me, I rebuke the fear in the name of Jesus Christ and I do the scary thing or the hard thing. I'm taking courage from Jesus. I don't have courage internally--BUT I'm cultivating a spirit of faith and courage through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The trials of this life can feel like a tsunami but we can TAKE courage from God's word. We can TAKE courage from Jesus. We can TAKE courage from shouting the word of God at the circumstances of our life. We can TAKE courage by taking action and walking out the calling on our life. We can TAKE courage by doing little things each day that create faith muscles and courage muscles. You are strong and courageous in the Lord!

Let's walk out our calling day by day. We don't have to define ourselves as courageous to TAKE courage and DO! God doesn't call the qualified--He calls the one who will DO and TAKE courage no matter how we feel.

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