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How To Rise Up And Stop Undermining Yourself: Devotional 1 Peter 1:2

My friends I'm going to bring some hard truth.

We, women tend toward a martyr victim mentality.

I used to live by the "I can't", "That circumstance is blocking me from," "They won't let me," "I'm not smart enough," and so on.

We often make excuses about not changing or achieving our goals because of past abuse, or current difficult children/spouses, or lack of education, the list could go on.

But my friends we can't excuse, complain, and then beg God to bring miracles. He is waiting for us to start tapping into the peace, power, and miracle solutions from the Holy Spirit that dwells in us.

We've all seen the stories on social media of people who have triumphed through poverty, handicaps, physical abuse, and so on.

Those people are no different then us.

Let's rise up today and start banishing the phrase "I can't" with "God is empowering me to learn how to _____."

God wants every good thing for us. And He empowers us to be creative, to be bold, to see and do things we never thought possible.

*want an accountability partner and someone who can coach you to see things in a whole new light and create new blessings? reach out and message me Leah Mason-Virgin

Let's pray: Dear Lord God Almighty, we humbly come to the throne room of grace with praise. We sing praises to Your name for forgiving us and blessing us with the Holy Spirit.

Lord Jesus please lead us to be brave and courageous to crush down the lies of the enemy and the excuses that so easily hold us back from the blessings that You long to give us.

Please Lord give us God-blessed eyes to see solutions where we don't believe there are any and the energy to boldly walk out those solutions letting nothing and no one stop us.

We give You all thanks and praise for working on us day by day and breaking the chains that hold us back.

Thank You Jesus, Amen

Image may contain: text that says 'Peter 1:1-2 The Message Seloer it it Not one is missing, not one Be it forgotten. God the Father has His eye on each of you, and has determined by the work of the Spirit to keep you obedient through the sacrifice of Jesus. May everything good from God be yours! www.BurstingWithBlessings.com'
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