Bursting with Blessings

How To Read The Bible & Grow Spiritually: Devotional Hebrews 5:14

What are you eating today to prepare you for the long journey ahead?

Most of us will live a long life and most of us will have some regrets over our choices and roads we took along the way.

Our mind is nourished and trained according to what we tell it, what we feed it, and what others tell us.

I often hear that people feel overwhelmed by reading the Bible or like they have a hard time understanding it. I can relate to those statements very much.

It took me decades before I really starting to feed on the word daily and nourish my mind with it so that I made choices and decisions that enhanced and blessed my life instead of bringing heartache.

If you're struggling to read it and understand it then start by just listening--via an app such as YouVersion using the Good News Translation or Message Translation. Let the word wash into your mind and start building a discerning sensitive spirit.

You might feel frustrated for a while that things don't make perfect sense but trust me it will start to feed your mind and God will start to give you knowledge and understanding because you are walking by faith that He will help your mind understand.

Our long life journey needs spiritual maturity to build our blessings, bring us into our promise land, walk in our gifts and calling, and be fulfilled like never before. *I go live this afternoon to talk more about this. But if you're struggling then let's talk.

Let's pray: Dear Lord God Almighty, thank You for Your salvation love and transformation. Thank You Lord for putting Your Holy Spirit within us.

Lord please give us a craving to read Your Holy word and a mind to understand it. Help us Lord to apply what we read to our lives and to make decisions based on Your direction.

Lord we submit ourselves for Your transformation and change. Please Lord lead, guide, and protect us as we grow spiritually more mature each day in Your word.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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